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Dec. 6th, 2008



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I made the journey down to Chicago in order to visit the French consulate and obtain my student visa for my time in France, valid through the 29th of June 2009. The process was rather painless, but it involved a lot of sitting around in Chicago - which could be fun if the weather weren't so darned cold. The windy city lived up to its name, though, and I tried to spend as little time as possible outside despite the about a mile walk to the consulate from the metra station. I guess getting there five hours early didn't help either, but the trains from Kenosha don't run very often.
Now it's time to finalize packing, make sure I have everything ready. First things first: I still have 2 papers, 2 days of class and four finals to go! Not to mention christmas in Colorado... It's going to be a busy few weeks leading up to the 29th, but that's nothing new to me!

22 days!

Oct. 8th, 2008



Bienvenue à tous!

I've moved my primary blogging for this trip to blogger because I like the format better, and it's easier for those without livejournal to follow. So to those of you who followed my Korea trip on soul_in_seoul, welcome back. For anyone who found this by chance, welcome. At first I started keeping these sort of travel "diaries" as reminders to myself, but I realized it might be nice to share my experiences with others - not only so my friends and family could keep track of me, but also so they could figure out exactly what it was I was doing.

Expect to see minimal updates regarding my travel plans before I head abroad, then semi-regular posts whenever something of note happens. I'll be taking lots of pictures, and I'm a particular fan of scenery photos; expect to see lots of those.

Once again I am studying in a university abroad, this time the Université Montpellier III in Montpellier. I'll be in the south of France, which will hopefully be a more unique experience than studying in Paris. I hope to travel around Europe while I'm there, my trip ending with about two weeks in the UK before I return home.

That's about all the introduction I have for now. I'll update again when I have a few more details.

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